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Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable EVSE Wallbox 32A (7KW) (11KZW) (22KW)

Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable EVSE Wallbox 32A (7KW) (11KZW) (22KW)

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Introducing the Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable, the perfect charging solution for your electric car. Designed to provide fast and reliable charging, this Type2 cable is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, making it an essential accessory for every electric car owner.

With a charging capacity of up to 32A and 7KW, this cable offers efficient charging performance, allowing you to quickly recharge your electric vehicle's battery. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the road, the Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable ensures that you have a convenient and reliable charging option.

The cable features an IEC62196-2 socket, which is the industry-standard connector for Type2 charging. This ensures seamless compatibility with various charging stations and wallboxes that support Type2 charging, providing you with maximum flexibility and convenience.

Equipped with a plug-and-charge design, the Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug it into your electric vehicle and connect the other end to a compatible charging station or wallbox, and you're ready to charge. No complicated setup or additional adapters required.

Designed with durability in mind, this cable is built to last. It is constructed from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance even with frequent use. The robust design guarantees a secure and reliable connection, giving you peace of mind during every charging session.

The Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable is available in multiple versions, including 11KW, 22KW, and 3Phase Plugin and Charge options. This ensures that you can choose the cable that matches your specific charging needs and infrastructure, providing the flexibility to adapt to various charging environments.

Whether you're a residential user looking for a reliable home charging solution or a business owner seeking to provide charging facilities for your customers, the Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable is the ideal choice. It combines functionality, compatibility, and convenience to deliver an exceptional charging experience for electric car owners.

Invest in the Feyree EV Charger Type2 Cable today and enjoy the convenience of fast and reliable charging for your electric vehicle. Embrace the future of transportation with this high-quality charging accessory.


weight: 4.5kg

length: 46cm

Width: 40cm

Voltage: 85V - 264V

Power: 7KW / 11KW / 22KW

Origin: Mainland China

Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 55℃

Material: copper alloy, silver plating

IP Rating: IP65

Height: 10cm

Current: 32A

Charger Type: Charging Station

Cable Length: 5m

Brand Name: feyree

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