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Portable EV Charger Tesla

Portable EV Charger Tesla

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Title: EVSOW Portable EV Charger Tesla 16A 3.5KW: An In-Depth Review

The EVSOW Portable EV Charger is designed to cater to the charging needs of Tesla electric vehicles. With a capacity of 16A and 3.5KW, this charger offers a convenient and portable solution for Tesla owners. Featuring a NACS (North American Charging Standard) fast charging cable and a 5-meter length, this EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) charging box is built to provide efficient and reliable charging on the go. This discussion will delve into the key features, benefits, and considerations of the EVSOW Portable EV Charger.

Key Features:

1. **16A 3.5KW Capacity:**
- The charger delivers a 16A current with a power output of 3.5KW, offering a balanced mix of speed and energy efficiency for daily charging needs.

2. **NACS Fast Charging Cable:**
- Designed to meet the North American Charging Standard, the charger ensures compatibility with Tesla vehicles, providing a dedicated and optimized charging experience.

3. **Portable Design:**
- The compact and portable design of the EVSOW charger makes it an excellent choice for Tesla owners who require a flexible charging solution that can be easily transported and used in various locations.

4. **5-Meter Length:**
- The 5-meter cable length provides ample reach, allowing users to connect to power sources that may not be immediately adjacent to their parked vehicle. This adds to the convenience, especially in tight or crowded parking spaces.

5. **EVSE Charging Box:**
- The included charging box offers an additional layer of control and safety, featuring necessary electronics to manage and regulate the charging process, ensuring protection against overcurrent and other electrical issues.


1. **Convenience and Portability:**
- The portable nature of the EVSOW charger allows Tesla owners to carry it along on trips, ensuring they have access to reliable charging wherever they go.

2. **Efficient Charging:**
- With a power output of 3.5KW, the charger provides efficient charging, making it suitable for overnight charging or topping up during the day.

3. **Compatibility:**
- The NACS fast charging cable ensures seamless compatibility with Tesla vehicles, reducing the need for additional adapters or connectors.

4. **Safety:**
- The EVSE charging box includes built-in safety features, providing peace of mind by protecting against electrical faults and ensuring a safe charging experience.


1. **Charging Speed:**
- While the 3.5KW capacity is efficient for many users, those requiring faster charging may need to consider chargers with higher power outputs, especially for rapid charging needs.

2. **Power Source Compatibility:**
- Users should verify the compatibility of their power sources with the charger's specifications to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The EVSOW Portable EV Charger Tesla 16A 3.5KW offers a practical and efficient solution for Tesla owners seeking a reliable and portable charging option. Its balanced power capacity, NACS fast charging compatibility, and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any Tesla owner's toolkit. Whether for daily use or as a backup on trips, this charger provides the flexibility and reliability needed to keep your Tesla charged and ready to go.


Brand Name: evsow

Charger Type: Portable Charger

length: 28cm

Origin: Mainland China

Cable Length: 5m

Material: copper+TPU+PC

Width: 28cm

Current: 8A-10A-13A-16A

Manufacturer Part Number: FR-CP-0446

Height: 9.5cm

weight: 1.9kg

Operating Temperature: -30-55

Power: 3.5Kw

IP Rating: IP66

Voltage: 85V-264V

Color: Black

Standard: TS-NACS

Number of phases: single-phase

Adjustable current: 8/10/13/16A

Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Storage Temp: -40/80℃

Working Temp: -30/55℃

Control box size: 215*88*47mm

Cable Size: 3G2.5mm+1*0.5mm

Cable:: 5M TUV Cable

evsow Portable EV Charger Tesla 16A 3.5KW Electric Car Charger NACS Fast Charging Cable 5M EVSE Charging Box For Tesla Charger

•Larger 1.8' LCD Screen :
With larger operation interface, bigger buttons and display screen, You can get the charging data at a glance, which including current, voltage, charging duration, charging status. Larger button touch screen area with high sensitivity and easy touch operation. Avoid you to press on a button repeatedly many times.

•Faster Charging and Time Saving:
With more current options and faster charging speeds than the charger that comes with the car, up to 17.5km per hour, it can save you more time.

•Lightweight and Portable:
5m cable charger not more than 1.8kg, 3.5m cable charger not more than 1.5kg. The product takes up very little space when stored in a circle,even one-handed can easily hold. With the included bag, it will bring you great convenience when charging on the go.

•High Adaptability with Customised Plug:
NACS can be used in Tesla X Y S 3. In addition, we provide EU Schuko and 5-15 Plug to meet more diverse needs.

The button on the top of the charging gun can be pressed during the charging process and stops charging along with it, so that you can unplug the charging gun head during the charging process.

•Status of LED Display:

•1.8' screen display could show you all real-time charging status,charging current, and warnings for a wide range of common faults.

•Charging Safety Protection:
1.Overload protection
2.Grounding protection
3.Overheat protection
4.Over-current protection
5.Lightning protection
6.Over-voltage and under-voltage protection
7.Earth leakage protection

•Packing List:
•EV Charger * 1
•Organizer Bag* 1
•Manual * 1


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