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Tesla Electric Vehicle Charger Extension Cord 48A with Models Y/S/X/3 TESLA NACS EV Charging Extension Cable

Tesla Electric Vehicle Charger Extension Cord 48A with Models Y/S/X/3 TESLA NACS EV Charging Extension Cable

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Introducing the Tesla Electric Vehicle Charger Extension Cord – the perfect solution for extending your Tesla charging reach. Designed specifically for Models Y, S, X, and 3, this high-quality extension cable ensures you have the flexibility and convenience to charge your Tesla wherever you need.

**Key Features:**

1. **High Current Capacity**: The extension cord supports up to 48A, allowing for fast and efficient charging. This high current capacity ensures that your Tesla gets the power it needs quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing your driving time.

2. **Tesla NACS Compatibility**: Specifically designed for Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS), this extension cord is compatible with all Tesla models, including the Model Y, S, X, and 3. Enjoy seamless integration with your existing Tesla charging setup.

3. **Durable Construction**: Built with high-quality materials, this extension cord is designed to withstand regular use and harsh environmental conditions. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

4. **Extended Reach**: With this extension cord, you can easily extend the reach of your Tesla charger, providing more flexibility in your parking and charging options. Whether your charging port is further away or you need to navigate around obstacles, this cable has you covered.

5. **Easy to Use**: Simply plug the extension cord into your Tesla charger and connect the other end to your vehicle. The user-friendly design makes it easy to set up and start charging immediately.

6. **Safety Features**: The extension cord includes built-in safety mechanisms such as over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection. These features ensure safe and secure charging for your Tesla, protecting both your vehicle and the charging equipment.

7. **Versatile Length Options**: Available in various lengths to suit your needs, this extension cord offers flexibility in how you set up your charging station. Choose the length that best fits your charging environment and requirements.

Enhance your Tesla charging experience with the Tesla Electric Vehicle Charger Extension Cord. With its high current capacity, durable construction, and compatibility with all Tesla models, this extension cord provides the flexibility and convenience you need for efficient and effective charging. Ensure your Tesla is always ready to go, no matter where you park, with this reliable extension cable. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of extended reach and hassle-free charging!


Brand Name: CTOLITY

IP Rating: IP66

Material: ABS+PC Fireproof Material

Origin: Mainland China

Voltage: 110-250V

Current: 48A

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 55°C

Adapter Type: Tesla

Product name: EV Charging Cable

Color: Black

Warranty: 2 Year

Application: Car

Charging Port: Tesla

Certificate: CE FCC ROHS

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Input power
Single phase,  110-240 V/AC, 48A Max
Operational temperature
-30 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature
-40 °C to +85 °C
UV resistant
Additional features
Over-voltage, under-voltage, leakage current and lightning protection
Cable length
21 / 40 feet or customized
PC,TPE,Silver-plated Copper
Terminal temperature rise
IP rating
Contact resistance
Mechanical life
>10000 times of off-load plug in/out
Coupled insertion force
Between 45N and 100N
Withstandable impact
Dropping from a 1m height and running-over by a 2-ton vehicle

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